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Jul 02

Making The Most Of An Overbooked Flight

I’m currently onboard a JetBlue flight to Fort Lauderdale. I’m flying out an hour later than expected, but I’m $250 richer for the trouble. This is the second time in under a year that I’ve volunteered my seat on JetBlue, an airline that doesn’t actually overbook their flights. Of course, they do occasionally have a …

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Apr 11

When You Really Didn’t Mean To Write That…

Seriously, Don’t Write It Down… One of the first lessons that I learned when starting my job was never to write anything that I wouldn’t want to see on the cover of the New York Times. That thought has kept me from sending out more than one nasty email. Yet it seems to be something …

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Sep 19

Europe in focus on flight delay compensation

A couple of days ago, a court in Luxembourg ruled that spontaneous mechanical issues (those that are not discovered during routine maintenance) do not constitute an extraordinary event outside of the airline’s control and that they do not excuse the carrier from paying flight delay compensation. And that’s good for travelers. Let’s back up a …

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Sep 10

VDB and your road to free airline money

My good friend Mike runs the website Travelzork, which is one of the best sources I’ve seen for two of my favorite topics, European travel and beating the gaming loyalty programs (i.e., doing to casinos what a lot of people try to do to airlines and hotels, namely, being one of those people who represent …

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Jul 06

A few random notes on a day of travel…

I spent yesterday traveling from Boston to Las Vegas. It wasn’t supposed to be the whole day, but it turned out that way. To my benefit. Here’s a few random notes from the day. Hopefully, you’ll find something to help you. There’s a new Delta Sky Club in Boston. The Sky Club is the Delta …

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Apr 28

Free travel from getting “bumped”

It’s always nice to hear a story where the airline passenger wins in the end.  Monday morning, I heard such a story. We were flying from Minneapolis (MSP) to Boston on an early morning flight.  With our kids practically comatose from a 5 am wake-up call*, we looked for the safest seats at the gate …

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Oct 03

Taking a voluntary “bump (giving up your seat)” for compensation

(Note: Due to the holiday weekend, posts may be less frequent through Tuesday.) Earlier in the blog, I discussed what to do if the airline denies you boarding because it is oversold.  One of the items that I mentioned is that the airlines are required to ask for volunteers before denying boarding to anyone.  If you …

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