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Oct 16

An Easy 500 Points with Hilton and the Last US Airways Flight Ever

500 Hilton Honors from e-Miles I’ve mentioned e-Miles in the past as an easy way to earn a few extra points from programs. Click on a few links, accumulate points and move on. It’s never a lot, but it will eventually add up. Today, I received an offer for 500 Hilton Honors points just for …

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Oct 01

News from the Industry: New Bag Fees, Progress on Integration, JetBlue Business Portal

Amtrak joins the bag fee game   Well, it was good while it lasted. As of today, the company is going to start charging excess baggage fees on passengers who bring on excess luggage, which is defined as more than two bags and two personal items. There will also be a weight limit of 50 …

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Sep 27

Alaska-Iceland Air partnership, and the last days of US Airways

Alaska Air and Iceland Air have danced before, but they’re doing the tango now as they formalized a partnership that begins on October 1. The casual flyer might not be paying much attention to this combination, but it could have some great results for you. In the past, I’ve discussed Alaska as one of the …

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Aug 12

What will American AAdvantage look after the merger?

Welcome aboard to everyone who found this site through a link to the Princess Bride post. You can click here to get a little more information about the blog. I hope you stick around. -Mike With American and US Airways merging their reservation systems in October, I’ve gotten some questions about the future of the …

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May 14

American Airlines and US Airways prepare for integration

American Airlines has released more details about its upcoming integration with US Airways, which has, so far, gone relatively smoothly. But the hard work begins this summer. In July, American will begin the passenger services systems integration, which will take 90 days, which AA is calling a “drain down” period. During that time, any US …

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Mar 25

Final details on AA and US Airways merged programs

As seen here. AA and US are finally going to merge their programs this Friday and, based on what I’ve seen from AA’s management (Technically, the team came from US Airways and that team came from America West, but why quibble?), it should go relatively smoothly.  Note that this integration is not the difficult one …

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Mar 17

American Airlines and US Airways prepare to merge mileage programs

It’s almost that time.  Sometime next calendar quarter, AA and US Airways will be combining their programs as the airlines face the integration, which is largely a 2015 event.  I tend to believe that the integration will go well; unlike with the United-Continental merger, where everything that could go wrong did so, US Airways (who …

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Jan 15

American and US Airways start to merge accounts…

American and US Airways are beginning the process of combining accounts.  Truthfully, there’s not much to it.  Head to American’s website and it will simply ask you for your name and US Airways account number.  Assuming it can match the two, you’re all set.  The miles will be combined sometime in the second calendar quarter. …

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Dec 12

Mistake fares and what not to do; Update on US Airways CC

“Mistake fares” are just what they sound like.  They occur when an airline, hotel, etc. puts out the wrong fare/rate and consumers end up with a huge bargain (No consumer would book a fare when the mistake went the other way.).  Whether it’s a $25 fare on Delta or a $30 luxury hotel, the prices …

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Dec 08

100,000 American Airlines miles for $89

(Full disclosure: I may receive compensation if you use one of my links.  Thank you in advance if you choose to do so, but thanks for reading my blog, regardless!) Had a wonderful weekend at my brother’s wedding and was fortunate to meet some very interesting people.  Travel is definitely an eye-opening experience. Every so …

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