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Feb 15

Norwegian Air Lost A Lot Of Money This Quarter. Why You Should Care.

norwegian air

I don’t spend a lot of time talking about either international airlines or airlines’ financials. They are two interesting subjects, but probably for another blog at another time. So why is today different from all other days? Norwegian Air Shuttle Lost A Lot Of Money Norwegian Air Shuttle is a European ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC),* similar …

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Jan 17

Ultra-Low Cost Carriers Partner Up. Game Changer?


The world of ultra-low cost carriers (ULCC) just got interesting, as Frontier and Mexico’s Volaris announced a codeshare* between the two, the first that I know of between North American ULCCs. As seen on Flyertalk. A Quick Review Airlines are not one-size-fits-all. Here’s a quick review of a few different categories: Legacy, or network, carriers, …

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Oct 18

JetBlue Moves Into Minneapolis As The Industry Further Segments Itself

When Southwest Airlines started, it represented a new type of airline. As a Texas-only carrier, it was not subject to the same regulations that many of its competitors were.* Thus, as a more nimble company, it could operate more efficiently and charge less, making it the first “low cost carrier (LCC).” Over time, that model …

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Jul 26

The Problem With Low Cost Carriers…

Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), whether they’re Southwest or Spirit, are good for the airline industry. They keep costs down for passengers and allow you to pay for what you need. The Problem Is… There’s one big problem with LCCs, though. When something goes wrong, you have fewer options. Most (Southwest is an exception.) LCCs have …

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Oct 23

American Airlines: Two Things I Learned Today

Once every calendar quarter, publicly traded companies host conference calls to update their investors on the state of affairs. AA’s was today, and here are a couple of interesting notes from the call: Airline Seats aren’t all the Same The network carriers, like American, are getting beaten up by the ultra-low-cost-carriers (ULCC), like Spirit or …

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