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Aug 29

Avoiding Tourist Traps And What Airline (Not) To Take There


Beating the Tourist Traps Part of the fun of writing this blog is that I get to do a lot of reading about the travel industry. The other day, an article from Bloomberg caught my eye. It was one of those “go here, not there” pieces, but it definitely highlighted some good opportunities. I don’t …

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Feb 21

Win 100,000 topbonus Miles from airberlin

You may not know topbonus, which is the mileage program for airberlin, but you should. Not because you will ever fly them, but because they give out a lot of free miles and have some interesting promos. Win 100,000 topbonus Miles topbonus (no capital letters) tends to have a lot of promotions and offers inexpensive …

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Oct 23

Two Airline Programs That Will Give You Free Points

Nothing like free points to get the fingers typing. Here are two programs that will do so: airberlin Despite their lack of capital letters, I really like the airberlin program. airberlin is one of the largest airlines that you’ve never heard of, as the second largest in Germany and a member of the oneworld alliance, …

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Jun 18

Free And Easy Points & Miles

I do a lot of posts about ways to earn big points or miles, but they usually involve, you know, work, which I am opposed to. So today’s post will be about a couple of ways to pick up points, but they will require no more than a few taps of your keyboard. 500 Points from Marriott Follow …

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Jun 11

A few programs around the world offering free points

Free points are free points.  It doesn’t matter where they’re from or how often you will use the program, take them if somebody is giving them to you.  Here are two options: Copa Airlines, a carrier that does North-South connections through Panama City, possibly the connecting hub in the world, is offering 2,000 miles to …

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