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Feb 09

A He Said/She Flushed Story

Every once in a while, you get an airline story that is simply too strange to be true. And when you do, you can almost be certain that Spirit Airways was involved. Spirit Airlines And The Emotional Support Hamster There have been several recent reports that airlines, led by Delta and United, are starting to …

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Jan 18

American Airlines Adding Basic Economy

basic economy

American Airlines issued a press release today announcing the introduction of its Basic Economy fares, matching the new fare class set out by Delta and United. Basic Economy Basic Economy (BE) is a class of service right below traditional economy and is meant to compete with the Spirit Airlines of the world. You’ll get a …

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Apr 01

Spirit Airlines Adding Yet Another Fee…And Wait until You See What It Is

It’s finally happened: This morning, Spirit Airlines announced its Lavatory Usage Charge, or LUC. Per their press release, the airline will begin charging passengers $2 to use the lav for 90 seconds, or $3 for unlimited usage. A $5 unlimited VIP pass, allowing you to jump to the front of the line, is also in …

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Nov 05

United Joining AA in Considering No-Frills Fares

At an industry conference yesterday, United Network Manager Doug Leo stated that the company is looking at introducing no-frills fares, similar to the ones that Delta offers and that American announced in its third quarter conference call. In particular, Mr. Leo referred to “segmented” fares which, similar to ultra-low-cost carriers, come with a seat only. If …

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Oct 23

American Airlines: Two Things I Learned Today

Once every calendar quarter, publicly traded companies host conference calls to update their investors on the state of affairs. AA’s was today, and here are a couple of interesting notes from the call: Airline Seats aren’t all the Same The network carriers, like American, are getting beaten up by the ultra-low-cost-carriers (ULCC), like Spirit or …

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Sep 16

Why the airlines charge a fee to switch to an earlier flight

One of the most frustrating airline fees is the charge to switch to an earlier flight at the airport. It’s 2:30, and you’re there early for your 4 pm flight. You move quickly through security and notice that the 3 pm flight to your destination hasn’t left yet. Great! You’re not checking luggage, so you …

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Jun 16

Stranded passengers, silly Spirit miles

Board a plane, get drafted… United passengers found themselves in the Canadian army, or at least army barracks, when their flight took a mechanical delay in Goose Bay, Canada. With the seven hotels in the area fully booked, the only place for the passengers to stay was at the local barracks, where they were apparently entitled …

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Dec 28

How Spirit gets away with a baggage fee twist and rule #1 in airline pricing

I was recently reviewing Spirit Airlines’s baggage fees for no particular reason (Yes, this stuff is fun for me.) when I noticed something odd: the fee to carry on a bag is actually higher than the fee to check your first bag. From an economic standpoint, those fees make no sense.  The cost to the …

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Aug 09

How to really get a bargain on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is the company that passengers love to hate.  Known for outrageous marketing campaigns and even more outrageous fees, the “ultra low-cost carrier” presents great prices and then charges you for pretty much except breathing.  Want a can of soda?  That’s $3.  Print your boarding pass at the check-in counter?  That’s $10.  Carry on …

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