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Jun 08

Around the industry: Just for fun

I decided last night that I felt like writing something just for fun, so I apologize to those of you who were hoping for the next great mileage scheme today.  Instead, I’m taking a peek around what is clearly one of the weirdest industries out there. I criticize the industry frequently, and they usually deserve it, …

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May 20

Las Vegas: The country’s cheapest and most expensive vacation city

There’s no city in the country or, for that matter, the world, quite like Las Vegas. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but one does get the job done. And Las Vegas can be either a bargain or a nightmare. I go there about once per year for vacation, and …

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May 15

You are your own best advocate for rewards programs

On any given day, a quick Google search will find you an article about “the best frequent flyer programs,” “easiest ways to use your frequent flyer miles” or “how to beat the airlines at their own game (Number four will shock you!).”  Truthfully, I ignore most of them, since I don’t know the source, are …

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May 10

The convergence of full-service carriers and low-cost carriers

Airlines seem to have finally discovered the secret to success: Keep costs low, shove as many people as you can onto planes and try not to grow too fast, except where you’re competing against somebody with higher costs.  Traditionally, consistent profitability has been the realm of the discount carriers, such as Southwest, while highs and …

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May 01

Get your Mother’s Day mileage bonus!

I was speaking with a reader last night and we got into a discussion about Mother’s Day.  The conversation was about the quality of flowers from online vendors versus those of a local florist*, but we both agreed: If Mom raised you right (or your B’sheret truly understands you), they’ll appreciate the fact that you …

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Apr 19

Southwest devalues Rapid Rewards points. Again.

And here we go.  One of the downsides to Southwest’s program is the airline’s tendency to change the value of points about once per year.  Say what you will about the legacy carriers, but they tend to hit you all at once.  Southwest is death by 1,000 cuts. We knew that there was a “change” …

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Mar 23

Judging the values of redemptions…

I’ve talked a lot about the best ways to earn miles, but not as much about redeeming them.  So here’s a few things to consider when you are getting ready to spend your miles: Most airlines open up redemptions at the same time as putting tickets up for sale.  You will generally have good availability just …

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Dec 31

Southwest Sale, Shopping Portal

Southwest Airlines launched a flash fare sale, good through tomorrow.  The fares are decent, but not great.  The plus side to Southwest is that they don’t charge the nickel-and-diming fees that most other carriers do.  There’s no fee to change your tickets and no fee for the first or second bag, so the fare is …

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Nov 12

Why an airline credit card may not be your best bet (even for that airline!)

(Please note: many of the cards that I will discuss are available through the travel rewards banner found toward the bottom of the page here.  You don’t have to use these links, of course, but if you do, I really appreciate the support!) Over the weekend, we went out for dinner with some friends.  As …

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Nov 01

Hotel and airfare bonuses and a sad day for the Boston-NYC Delta shuttle

Hmm, a rainy Saturday is always a good day to do a little digging.  Let’s see what’s out there. Rocketmiles, an online travel agent that gives you frequent flyer points for booking hotel rooms through them, is offering a nice special on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points.  Book a hotel and get 1,000-5,000 Rapid Rewards …

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