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May 22

Earn Delta Miles With Lyft


There will come a time when ride-sharing services are offering so many partner points that it becomes profitable to take one. Heck, they have the money to throw around. Uber lost almost $3 billion last year (but made it all up on volume). Delta Miles for Lyft Uber has traditionally had more partnerships that Lyft*, …

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Mar 30

Delta SkyMiles Partner Promotion: 1,000 Miles Per New Partner


Many moons ago, US Airways used to run a promotion that they called the “Grand Slam Promotion.” They would give you bonus miles based on the number of mileage partners* that you used. You could earn up to 100,000 miles, and the challenge was generally who could get to 100K with the least out of …

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Mar 22

60/70/80: Credit Card Offers Are Heading Up

Delta Airlines

One of the benefits of intense bank competition is that they are willing to pay increasingly higher costs to acquire each new customer. In the case of credit cards, those acquisition costs include the sign-up bonuses that they will pay you when you get approved for the card and meet a minimal level of spending. …

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Feb 07

Delta Improves Its AirBNB Partnership


Delta has upped its partnership rate with Airbnb, allowing you to earn bonus miles on all stays through April 30, 2018. Delta And Airbnb Airbnb, which allows individuals to rent out their homes in much the same way that Uber provides ride service, has been picking up partners and has now joined with Delta to …

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Oct 06

You Can Earn Delta SkyMiles for Referring Your Friends to Amex

This is kind of nice. If you have a Delta American Express card, you can get miles for referring a friend. The normal bonus is 5,000 miles but, if you do so by February 1, Delta will double it to 10,000. You can get a maximum of 55,000 miles per year through referrals, so you …

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Jun 13

Delta Card Referrals, Facebook Update

Delta Credit Card Referrals – Refer Your Friends If you have a Delta credit card and want to take advantage of your friends (in a good way), you can refer them for a card and receive 10,000 bonus miles per approval (up to 55,000 per year), an increase from the normal 5,000. Your friend will …

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Oct 19

WestJet Gets Frozen and What to do with Expiring Miles

Seriously? Was this necessary?  When WestJet announced a “new initiative” with Disney last week, I should have paid attention. Long-time readers know of my running battle with my frenemy, the movie Frozen. After tripping over Elsa and Olaf dolls more times than I can count, I was prepared to banish them to that giant ice castle that …

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Aug 07

A good week and a bad week for Delta in the media (but mostly bad)

Delta got a lot of press over the last couple of weeks regarding changes that it made to its frequent flyer program. I have to admit, I’m very jealous of the Cincinnati couple that was able to buy up to a private jet through Delta’s newest elite perk. Nothing like a little luck, as they …

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Jul 26

July 25 has come and gone…

And it’s a sad, sad time for many of us. You see, yesterday, SunTrust bank ended one of the great mileage deals in existence (and really, one of the greatest deals of all time) by devaluing its Delta debit card. A little background: Several years ago, SunTrust launched the Delta debit card, which gave one …

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Jul 15

Delta “enhances” SkyMiles again and signals more changes

Another day, another email from Delta telling us about changes to the SkyMiles program. And, as usual, there are some ups and downs, but the downs outnumber the ups. These changes take place on June 1, 2016, but it’s good to be aware. There are three that matter, so let’s go through them, shall we? …

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