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Mar 20

Skip The Upcoming Sexual Harassment by Paying $85


Hey, good news: The TSA is enhancing its security procedures! Okay, not good news. Getting Intimate with your TSO In the name of “airport consistency,” which seems diametrically opposed to its normal “planned inconsistency” policy, the TSA is consolidating its five funky search methods into a single, more “comprehensive,” one. In other words, be prepared …

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Jun 01

Bits And Pieces from around The Industry

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. I’m going to ease back in with a few bits and pieces from around the world of travel. American Airlines Raising Lounge Prices As I discussed a few months ago, American Airlines is finally going to get around to renovating its airport lounges. That’s a good thing …

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Apr 05

Seven Basic Lessons for Surviving The Travel “Experience”

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As anyone reading this blog knows, air travel isn’t perfect. The problem is that there are several steps in the process of getting from here to there that can go wrong and, if any single link in the chain breaks, the whole thing could fall apart. Getting to the airport. Checking in. Getting through security. …

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Oct 09

TSA pre-check: A Great Deal could get Better

In today’s Wall Street Journal, travel reporter Scott McCartney writes about TSA pre-check, the program that will get you a fast-pass through security lines at most airports.  I have written about it before, but I was surprised to learn that only about two million people have it.  There are a few different types of programs, …

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