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Jun 26

Hilton Shopping Bonus (Better Than Nothing)

online shopping

One thing about travel companies: They never miss an opportunity to make a buck. One of the areas that they tend to do so is through shopping affiliates.* 500 Points from Hilton Hilton just sent out an email: Be one of the first 2,500 new shoppers to sign up for their Shop-to-Earn Mall and pick …

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Oct 20

Six Ways to Earn Points without Applying for a Credit Card

Reader Question: How can I earn miles if I don’t want to/can’t get a credit card? While opening a credit card may be the single fastest way to accumulate a lot of points quickly, not everybody is able to do so. Thus, I wanted to provide a list of ways to earn points without having …

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Nov 21

Mileage shopping: Here comes the full-court press from the airlines

Rule #2: Never buy anything on the internet without getting some sort of rebate.  Never.  Doesn’t matter if it’s miles, cash or box tops. So winter has arrived.  The bad news is that our boiler needs some repair.  The good news is that I just got a new credit card with some minimum spend requirements, …

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