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Feb 01

Does Premium Economy Bring Back The Mileage Run?

mileage run, premium economy

Welcome to February. As we anxiously await word from Punxsutawney Phil tomorrow, you may think that I would want to talk about going someplace warm. Think again. We’re going to chilly South Korea. But don’t worry, we won’t be there long. The Revived Premium Economy You used to get first or coach. That was it. …

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Aug 24

Mileage running for fun and, well, just for fun

I really appreciate my friend Marty. He’s a great guy and knows all the good restaurants in Las Vegas, but even better, he’s more, er, “enthusiastic*” about miles than I am. Whenever I tell my wife about one of my “exploits,**” causing her to shake her head, I can always point to Marty and say, …

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Nov 27

What is a “mileage run?”

It’s usually around this time of year that newspapers will write articles about the crazy things that mileage addicts do to bump up their accounts at the end of the year.  Often, it’s in regards to people who are only a few miles (or thousand miles) away from the next tier of elite status and want …

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