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Dec 11

How Delta Rescued Diamond Medallion Status

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As you know, this blog is tailored to novices in the frequent flyer world but, every so often, it’s fun to get a little deeper on a particular subject. Today, I’ll talk about Delta’s Medallion program and its top status, Diamond Medallion, in particular. If you need a quick review of what elite status is, …

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Nov 14

Help, Delta Gave Me Extra Miles And Won’t Take Them Back!

Delta gave me 10,000 extra miles and now I can’t get rid of them. While that may sound like a bank error in my favor, I happen to have found the one circumstance where it isn’t. At least for now, I seem to be stuck with them. Here’s What Happened As you may know, Delta …

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Dec 01

Order out of chaos: flying the Sunday after Thanksgiving

This post was supposed to go up last night but, by the time I got home last night from a flight delayed by the perfect storm of factors, it was too late to do anything but collapse.  So here I am.  I’m still tired, so we’re going stream of consciousness. I flew out yesterday morning for …

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Nov 22

Upgrading domestic tickets on Delta: With miles or elite status

I was recently asked by a friend how elite status upgrades on Delta work domestically (keeping in mind that Delta’s definition of “domestic” excludes Hawaii but does include certain foreign nations; congrats, Toronto, you guys are now American).  Delta is currently the largest US frequent flyer program (until American and US Airways are fully integrated) …

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Oct 10

Delta raises spending requirements for Medallion Status for 2016

Well, that didn’t last long.  As I mentioned in this post, Delta requires a combination of miles earned and spending on Delta flights to earn elite status for the following year.  Well, Delta has not only changed the spend requirements but also changed the definition of a year. Want to subscribe? Just enter your email …

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Oct 03

Delta Part 3 of 3: Elite Status, starting 1/1/15

The final part on my Delta overview centers on Medallion elite status, the extra benefits you get by being a frequent flyer.  As a quick refresher, elite status is based on the number of miles and dollars you spent in the previous year and is a separate tracking system from the miles you redeem for free …

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