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Sep 22

A Word on Hotel Promos: Marriott And Hilton

One more day before I board my petri dish with wings and head back to my primary side of the globe. Something they never say about flying: It doesn’t matter what class you are sitting in. If the flight is long enough, you will pick up somebody’s germs. On that happy note… Oops, They Did …

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Sep 01

End of Year Promotions from Marriott, Hyatt

Apparently, many of the major hotel companies are doing better than I thought they were, since they sure aren’t giving bonuses that inspire me to switch brands. Marriott MegaBonus Ouch. This one is downright lousy. Marriott’s MegaBonus is possibly the weakest one yet. The kicker for this one is that you get to choose which …

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Aug 11

Industry Tidbits (And Why You May Need To Rename Your Pet)

Lots of bits and pieces from around the industry today, so put aside your Pokemon Go for now. A Marriott Save The Date Card If you are a Marriott customer, you likely just got a notice about their upcoming MegaBonus promotion, starting September 1. Marriott runs this promotion a few times per year, which gives …

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Jun 28

JetBlue Sale, 5% Back at Amazon from Discover And Hamilton Tickets

Note: If you got an email asking you to reconfirm your subscription to the site, it is from me, not phishing. I recently changed subscription services due to problems with the old one and, unfortunately, a lot of the bad addresses got carried over. Please click on the confirmation in your email to reset the …

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Jun 18

Free And Easy Points & Miles

I do a lot of posts about ways to earn big points or miles, but they usually involve, you know, work, which I am opposed to. So today’s post will be about a couple of ways to pick up points, but they will require no more than a few taps of your keyboard. 500 Points from Marriott Follow …

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May 25

Marriott Summer Promotion – 10,000 Bonus Points

I hope that this isn’t all that there is. Marriott just announced its summer promotion, allowing you to earn up to 10,000 bonus miles. As a quarterly promotion goes, this one is extremely weak. The Details On the plus side, it’s easy to understand. Register online (through the “My Promotions” link in your account) and …

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May 23

Delta Improves Elite Benefits, Marriott And Chase Shoots for Small Businesses

Delta Remembers Their Elite Members Over the past few years, Delta has slowly been transitioning its rewards program from a mileage-based one to a revenue-based one. In other words, the customers who got the biggest rewards were the ones that spent the most money, as opposed to those who flew the most miles (which I …

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May 03

Register for Hotel Promotions from Marriott And Starwood

Hotel promotions are filling up the travel news these days, but they do require registration. Here are a couple: Marriott A few weeks ago, I mentioned a promotion for new members to the Marriott Rewards program. If you haven’t joined already, now is a good time to do so to enter the 1,000 Nights of …

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Apr 28

Mother’s Day Is Coming Up; You Know What That Means…

Yup, spring is here. Not really in New England, but the calendar says it is. With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to start looking for flowers and gifts. I mean, sure, you love Mom, but how often does she come with miles? By buying your presents through the “Earn Miles” or “Earn Points” sections …

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Apr 04

Just Another Manic Monday

I try not to write too much about industry financials, because those conversations inevitably get deep into the weeds, but the past few days have been too odd to ignore. Starwood After volatile romances with both Marriott and Anbang Insurance of China, Starwood finally ended up with Sarah, Plain and Tall. The courtship began as …

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