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Nov 19

JetBlue adds bag fees, more seats

JetBlue announced today that it would be joining virtually every other airline in North America by adding baggage fees and seats to its planes, in addition to other minor changes.  Southwest now stands out as the only major airline without a first bag fee. The only thing harder than writing about these changes objectively is …

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Nov 14

Thanksgiving week deals, sort of…

(Note: I have been having some problems with the subscription feature of the blog.  If you have tried to subscribe and are getting a bad link, or haven’t been getting your once per day emails, please let me know by email or leave a comment below.  I believe the problem is fixed, but just in …

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Nov 12

Why an airline credit card may not be your best bet (even for that airline!)

(Please note: many of the cards that I will discuss are available through the travel rewards banner found toward the bottom of the page here.  You don’t have to use these links, of course, but if you do, I really appreciate the support!) Over the weekend, we went out for dinner with some friends.  As …

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Sep 15

WestJet adds bag fees, changes rewards; Is this what JetBlue will look like?

Today, we got a sneak preview at what might happen when (not if) JetBlue adds its first bag fee, thanks to our friends at WestJet.  WestJet is a Canadian low-cost carrier with an intent focus on customer service (just like JetBlue).  Although you may never have heard of it before it has about a 40% …

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Sep 12

JetBlue’s gift, Cheap(er) destinations and the end of an era

JetBlue sent out an email this morning announcing that they were lowering the minimum redemption level on flights from 5,000 point to 3,500.  The email did have a number of conditions, including days of the week and peak dates, but that is the case at just about any airline.  Truthfully, I was going to take …

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Sep 09

JetBlue getting ready to raise fees…

In the strongest signal yet that new fees are coming at JetBlue, management clarified and expanded on some of its remarks about “fare families.” Treasurer Jim Leddy, at an industry conference last week, made several statements that confirm that JetBlue passengers will be paying more ancillary fees, as the airline looks to improve its financial …

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Sep 07

New JetBlue badges

Okay, so JetBlue’s badges, which give you virtual awards for your travel, are just a gimmick. A cute gimmick, but a gimmick. Of course, they do offer freebies for earning some of the badges, such as some points, but really, it’s a “virtual achievement” that is meant to make you feel like you have accomplished …

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Aug 10

Yapta Redux: Saving money on flights you already booked

I had previously written about Yapta as a way to get refunds when a fare drops on a flight you have already booked.  For most airlines, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, since these airlines charge $75-200 to make changes.  But for two airlines, you can save big, Alaska and JetBlue. I bring this site …

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Jun 20

Is Delta targeting Boston?

On Monday, Delta issued a press release announcing the launch of Seattle-Hong Kong service.  It’s no secret that Alaska Air and Delta are in a skirmish in Seattle (mentioned here), as Delta looks for a west coast hub for its Asian flights.  So when Delta listed Seattle among its “key hubs and markets,” nobody should have been …

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Apr 30

JetBlue: Earn rewards faster by pooling your family’s miles

JetBlue does a lot of things differently than other airlines.  Free snacks, free first bag, more legroom and friendly employees.  The airline has its faults, but they’re still one of the nicest to fly. Its frequent flyer program has one unique advantage over others, as well: As far as I know, it is the only …

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