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Oct 22

United Partners up and Citi Changes its Stripes

United Airlines Plays the Field Well, this is a bit awkward. United has two current promotions running, one with Hilton and one with Marriott. My question is, which credit card should I use when paying? For those of you who like a bit of luxury, United has teamed up with Hilton to offer bonus miles …

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Oct 16

An Easy 500 Points with Hilton and the Last US Airways Flight Ever

500 Hilton Honors from e-Miles I’ve mentioned e-Miles in the past as an easy way to earn a few extra points from programs. Click on a few links, accumulate points and move on. It’s never a lot, but it will eventually add up. Today, I received an offer for 500 Hilton Honors points just for …

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Sep 21

Cuba, and points for cruising

You’ll have to excuse me as I get over an extended case of jet lag and dealing with French cab drivers. Very stressful, and not necessarily in that order. As you know by now, Cuba has opened up to US citizens. If you want to travel there, though, the best way to do it may …

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Apr 11

An easy 1,000 Hilton Honors points for free

Offers vary in both complexity and generosity. The best offers, of course, are the lucrative and easy ones. But “not so lucrative” and easy also have something to be said for them. Namely, that they’re easy. Hilton has been kind enough to partner with e-Miles and offer 1,000 free Hilton Honors points. e-Miles is an …

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Mar 12

1,000 free Hilton points just for changing your password (finally!)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Hilton was giving people 1,000 free points just for changing their password.  Except they weren’t, since the link wasn’t working.  Good ol’ Hilton finally got it right, though, and they’re once again offering 1,000 points if you change your password.  And this time, the link works!  Sign in …

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