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Apr 29

New Hilton Bonus (And It’s Good)

Hilton’s new “Unlimited Bonus” is just as it sounds. Double base points on all stays between May 1 and August 31, with few restrictions. Unlimited Hilton is offering a new promotion that will get you double points for all nights from May 1 until August 31. It does require registration, but that’s the most difficult …

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Apr 02

Highest Ever Hilton Amex Offer and a Darn Good Southwest Chase Card

The Hilton Surpass Card – 100,000 Points Apparently, the card bonus wars aren’t over among issuers, as Hilton raises the bar to six figures. Through May 4, The Surpass Card from American Express is offering 100,000 to sign up and spend $3,000 within your first three months as a cardholder. I’ve never seen a bonus …

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Mar 26

Huge Hotel Credit Card Bonuses Ending Soon

I’m traveling this weekend, checking out the cherry blossoms, so I’m keeping posts short, but one thing worth noting is that there is a limit to the banks’ generosity when it comes to credit card bonuses, and we are approaching the end. We have “excess” bonus offers at three of the major hotel companies and …

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Dec 25

The Best Unique Benefits at Each Hotel Brand

Choosing an airline is easy. You likely have one airline that dominates your local region, in which case your choices are limited. If not, you likely go with the cheapest of the one where you have the highest attachment to your loyalty program. Choosing a hotel brand? Not so easy. Unlike airlines, which have different …

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Dec 23

Holiday Musings

I’m preparing for some holiday travel, which is always fun but stressful. Fortunately, we have a non-stop flight, so there are few chances for things to go absolutely wrong. On that happy note, here are a few things around the industry that I found interesting: Status Match at Hilton One of the “downsides” to elite …

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Dec 20

More Hotel Promotions: Hilton and InterContinental

Hilton and IHG have added their fourth quarter promotions to the calendar. Both could turn out to be lucrative. Hilton Double Your Hhonors Hilton has brought back its popular double points promotion, in which it will give you either double points or double miles for each stay. Hilton has a unique “double dip” program where …

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Nov 21

Hilton Hhonors: Yet Another Bonus

One thing about Hilton this year is that their bonuses have been pretty generous. And it’s adding to that pattern. December Nightly Bonus This one’s easy. Simply sign up here an you’ll earn an additional 2,500 points for every stay of two nights or more. It’s not a ton, but it’s free. Even better, the …

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Oct 10

Bonuses and Goodies around the Travel Industry

I’m on the road today, but there were too many little things going on not to post a few of them. Virgin Doubles Up on Points No tricks, just treats from Virgin America, as it offers a double points promotion through November 19. Register here and your flights will be twice as nice. But Virgin …

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Sep 03

Two Starwood promotions for you

Starwood recently pre-announced its fourth quarter promotion, with registration available on September 23th. The promo, to be known as “Stay for More,” is not quite as good as Hilton’s, but certainly not as weak as Marriott’s. For stays of two nights or more, you’ll earn double base points. Any bonus that you receive from status …

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Sep 01

Credit card deals to start the month

It’s that time of year, when Pats fans start worrying about Tom Brady; we stop complaining about the humidity and start to worry about the snow; and my kids, who thought it would be fun to wake up at 6 am every day all summer, have suddenly decided that they won’t be getting up before …

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