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Sep 26

What Is A “Status Match?” Here’s An Example from United

status match

In the past, I’ve discussed elite status, the additional perks that you get for flying an airline for a certain number of miles each year or staying a certain number of nights at a particular hotel chain. But what if you want to switch your loyalty to a different program? It means giving up your …

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Aug 25

A Unique Airline Status Match Offer

Note: Even if you haven’t heard of WestJet, please read this post. Given the rate at which they are launching inexpensive international flights, you’ll want to know a bit more about them. WestJet Status Match Today’s “winner of the day” is WestJet, the second-largest Canadian carrier. First, they get props because the basic tier of their …

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Oct 14

Marriott Improves Rewards Program (but does it matter?)

Last night, Marriott announced several changes to its rewards program. All of them were true enhancements and, while none was earth-shattering, they do make the program a little better. The problem is that they are simply matching what most other programs are doing. Sure, there are a few tangential bits that are unique but, for …

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Oct 30

A few mileage tidbits and earning opportunities…

Hyatt is one of my two favorite hotel programs, along with Starwood, and they’ve thrown in a little sweetener for those booking hotels before the end of the year.  Book a room between now and 12/31 on your mobile phone or their mobile website and you’ll get an extra 1,000 points per stay.  Free nights …

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Oct 28

American and US Airways announce program integration; No real surprises

Today, American Airlines and US Airways announced the timeline for the integration of the two programs and there were no real surprises.  Actually, there was one surprise, and that was that there are no real surprises.  Congratulations, American (and US Airways): Your miles just became a little more valuable. Truthfully, I was expecting the program …

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Sep 17

Double-dipping with Hilton (corrected version)

(I have corrected information below regarding the Citi American Express Hilton credit card.  In the original post, I meant to write that you get Diamond status once you spend $40,000.)   I spent last night at the Concorde Opera Paris, the newest Hilton property in the city (Insert Paris Hilton joke here.).  And while that sounds …

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Jul 23

Path to a decision: Should I renew my Delta Silver Elite status

In the summer, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of miles.  With the sounds of the Delta third-quarter conference call in the background, it’s time for me to make my decision on whether I will make an attempt to renew my Delta elite status at the Silver level, the lowest of the four.  To earn …

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Jan 07

American and US Airways start the merger benefits

With US Airways having officially bought American Airlines (although the new airline will keep the American Airlines name), the combo has started to merge their benefits, as anticipated.  With the American name remaining, most of the frequent flyer benefits will remain on the American side. In terms of earning and burning miles, flights on either …

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Jan 06

Elite Status: New year, more miles needed

Earlier, I discussed the difference between redeemable miles and miles toward elite status.  Redeemable miles are those you use to get free flights.  Elite status miles are based on the number of miles you fly each year and reset at the beginning of each year.  They are a “phantom” points system that help you earn …

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Nov 27

What is a “mileage run?”

It’s usually around this time of year that newspapers will write articles about the crazy things that mileage addicts do to bump up their accounts at the end of the year.  Often, it’s in regards to people who are only a few miles (or thousand miles) away from the next tier of elite status and want …

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