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May 11

Citi Double Cash Card: The Best Credit Card for Most People

citibank double cash

A few days ago, I was asked for a credit card recommendation by a friend. I went into my diatribe about the various cards, benefits, etc. She listened patiently for a minute and then said, “I just want a card to use for everything. I don’t have the time to sort through my wallet and …

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Apr 06

Discover’s 5% Category: Home Improvement Stores And Wholesale Clubs

Discover Card

It’s time for the quarterly “you really need a Discover Card” thread. Discover offers some of the most versatile cards out there, with such benefits as excellent customer service and no foreign transaction fees, two features that don’t seem to matter until you need them. They matter. Best of all, Discover pulls it off without …

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Mar 02

Discover 5% Categories for Second Quarter


Doing your annual home improvement project as the weather turns warm? Good. Make sure you have a Discover card, since home improvement stores (and warehouse clubs, for that matter) are the 5% categories for April-June. (At Least) 5% Back at Home Improvement And Warehouse Clubs Every three months, Discover offers It members a bonus at certain …

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Sep 10

A Reminder about Quarterly Promotions

Just a reminder: If you plan on taking part in a promotion, you almost always have to register for it. Even if you complete everything that the promo asks you to do, if you haven’t signed up for it, you won’t get anything. It may seem like overkill, but it’s not a bad idea to …

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Mar 02

JetBlue Award Sale and Discover Bonus Categories

JetBlue Award Sale JetBlue is running one of its infamous flash sales although this time, it’s for reward flights. JetBlue’s sales are often 48-hours in nature and come loaded with restrictions, but this one isn’t bad. Book an award flight by March 4, for travel April 26-June 16, and they’ll knock 25% off the cost …

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Dec 06

Discover Card 5% Categories for 1Q16

For those of you with a Discover It card, make sure to register for the first quarter bonus (They’ll send you an email or you can go to the website.) and you’ll get 5% back on all gas station and ground transportation purchases up to $1,500. That’s an extra $75 if you use it right. …

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Jul 27

The best cash shopping credit card is…

I may receive compensation if you get a credit card through my link. Thank you very much in advance! Most of my posts focus on either acquiring or using miles and/or points. In fact, there is no such thing as a program with zero value, and Rule #1 is “Always sign up for a free program, …

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Jun 25

Foreign transaction fees on credit cards…

I received a question the other day about foreign transaction fees on credit cards, which I also refer to as “because they can” fees. These fees are just what they sound like: if you make a purchase abroad (or purchase from a merchant located abroad), they will charge you an extra 1-3% for the privilege. …

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Jun 03

Discover Card 5% categories for the third quarter

I was surprised by the number of emails I got after writing this post to expand on credit card bonuses (Not surprisingly, I got no requests to expand on earning points for surveys.), so I’m going to write a longer post on that in the future.  For now, though… The Discover Card is an ever-neglected …

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Mar 04

Discover ups the ante: New card pays 3% on all purchases

Until now, my everyday credit card has been the Capital One Venture Card, which pays 2% on all purchases.  And it’s about to be replaced, at least for a year. Discover just announced the Discover It Miles card, which actually pays you in cash, not miles.  The cash-back rate on all purchases is 1.5%, but …

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