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Dec 14

Delta Airlines: Your Seat Is Branded


Every year, Delta Airlines has a meeting for Wall Street analysts to talk about their financial situation and future strategy. That meeting took place today and, as it relates to miles and flying, I thought the most interesting part was their discussion on branded fares. Branded fares Hey, a plain old ticket isn’t good enough …

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Apr 12

Delta Says That They Are Past Storm Effects


Delta takes a lot of pride in its on-time record and completion factor, but weather happens, even in Atlanta. In a conference call today, though, management said that they were over the effects of the storm and operations were back to normal. The Imperfect Storm Delta runs an excellent airline operation, but even it can’t …

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Aug 09

American Airlines Confirms Entertainment Options

Last year, American Airlines announced a huge investment in its in-flight and airport products. Today, we got a little more information on the changes, with a headline on the in-flight entertainment (a problem that Delta has already fixed, for the most part). Yes, gone are the days of decks of cards and wings for the …

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Dec 22

The Best Airline of 2015 is…

I generally plan my flights around schedule, cost and frequent flyer miles. But for the business traveler, the primary motivation is often reliability. And when it comes to the leader in that metric, no one is close to the leader. Delta I’m not a big fan of the changes that Delta has made to its …

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Dec 15

American/US Airways offers 2015 bonuses for business, first class tickets; first step to revenue-based miles

Here it comes.  American announced a new bonus today for first class and business class ticket purchases (Sorry, upgrades don’t count.).  How could a bonus be bad? It isn’t the bonus itself which is bad, but rather, what it signifies.  Earlier this year, Delta and United announced that their frequent flyer miles will be based …

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Dec 03

Turf wars: Bonus miles when an airline invades another’s territory…

Background info.  You can skip down a few paragraphs if all you want to know about is the mileage opportunity: As you may know, most major airlines operate on the “hub and spoke” system.  In other words, if you want to fly to A to B, just about any major airline will be able to get …

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