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Nov 11

Win 500,000 American Miles And A Cruise

american airlines cruises

I’m a big fan of cruising. I’m not such a big fan of booking cruises through an airline. True, you earn miles on every dollar spent, but you can usually do better through a travel agent, who may give you cash or a shipboard credit. Still, if they’re going to give me a cruise for …

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Sep 16

The Cruise Ships Just Keep Growing…


A few days ago, Carnival Corporation (the parent of the Carnival, Princess and Holland America brands, among others) announced an order for three new ships. Nothing unusual, except for the size of the ships: 180,000 tons, 5,200 passengers. Size Matters With the new mega-ships, the largest in the brands’ fleet, Carnival Corp is making a …

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Mar 08

What’s Going on in The World of Travel…

I’m still on the road, so I’m spending more time on CNN Travel than I normally do, but there were a few interesting articles that caught my eye. Reclining Your Seat The only topic that causes more controversy than kids in first class is whether you should be able to recline your seat. The quick …

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Jan 07

Cruising: Your Best Vacation Value

If you’ve never taken a cruise, you’re missing out on a truly great vacation opportunity. No other trip offers the combination of value, service and destinations that your floating hotel does. For those whose only exposure to cruises has been re-runs of “The Love Boat,” let me dispel a few myths for you. I’ll be …

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