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Jan 03

Reader Question: Should I Cancel Credit Cards I Don’t Use?

I have a bunch of old credit cards that I no longer use. Should I cancel them or let them gather dust? Cancelling Old Cards It’s a question that tends to come up as people look at their finances for the new year. And the answer is, well, as always, it depends… If the card …

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Oct 07

Reader Question: Should I get a Credit Card for my College Student/Young Adult?

“I have one child starting college and one who is about to graduate. Neither has any credit history. Should I get them credit cards to help them build a good credit score?” We’ve all heard the saying that banks only lend money to people who don’t need it, or the chicken and egg problem about …

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Jun 21

About credit scores

Over the past few days, I have gotten a barrage of questions about credit scores. Okay, it was two, but ’round these here parts, that counts as a barrage. There are a fair amount of urban legends regarding credit scores, and nobody outside the companies that create these scores knows every detail, but most of …

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