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Jul 14

Priority Pass: A Must for International Travelers

While I often write about lounges, it’s usually domestic ones that I address. Today, I’m going to talk about international lounges and how to access them (for free). What Are Airline Lounges? Airport lounges are areas sponsored by (usually) individual airlines for their best passengers. They are a quiet place to relax, get food or …

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Oct 22

United Partners up and Citi Changes its Stripes

United Airlines Plays the Field Well, this is a bit awkward. United has two current promotions running, one with Hilton and one with Marriott. My question is, which credit card should I use when paying? For those of you who like a bit of luxury, United has teamed up with Hilton to offer bonus miles …

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Jun 14

Huge Citicard airline credit (particularly on American)

Usual disclosure applies: I may receive compensation from a credit card company mentioned. Thank you in advance! The Citibank Prestige card is my favorite card that I have, even though I rarely use it. Last year, in an attempt to win high-end customers (They got me instead.), Citibank massively overreached, and the range of benefits, …

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