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Aug 31

Citibank Tightens Restrictions on Credit Card Bonuses

Credit card companies are in somewhat of a bind when it comes to credit card bonuses. On the one hand, they want people to apply for and use their cards. That’s how they make money. On the other hand, they are dealing with an increasing number of customers who are applying for the cards simply …

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Jul 29

Just How Badly Did Citibank Gut The Prestige Card?

When I first wrote about the Citibank Prestige card, I noted that the benefits that it offered not only offset the annual fee but also represented a massive overreach in terms of what they were offering. In other words, the perks were simply too good. Apparently, they agreed. They haven’t quite gutted the card, but …

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Jul 19

Is Citi Prestige Eliminating Admirals Club Access in 2017?

Well, this is ugly. Citibank seems to have prematurely leaked information that it will be eliminating Admirals Club access in June, 2017, as one of the benefits of the card. If true, that would significantly impact the value of what has been my favorite travel credit card. Lounge Benefits This card has been my favorite …

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Jun 01

Bits And Pieces from around The Industry

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. I’m going to ease back in with a few bits and pieces from around the world of travel. American Airlines Raising Lounge Prices As I discussed a few months ago, American Airlines is finally going to get around to renovating its airport lounges. That’s a good thing …

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Nov 09

Quick Thoughts on Rental Cars and a Credit Card Bonus

Rental Cars I write a lot about hotels and airlines but very little about rental cars, since so few of us really think there’s much of a difference. The more I rent, the more I determine that there is. There’s nothing worse than waiting in line for 45 minutes only to get to the front …

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Oct 17

Tips I Used Today when Booking an Award

Free flights and free hotel nights are always great to earn, but it’s even better when you can “work the system” to maximize your benefits. I hope that I’ve been able to give you at least a few useful tips over the years to make your travel a bit easier and cheaper. Today, I booked …

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Sep 09

Comparing the American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige cards

I recently got a recent question about credit cards with high-end travel benefits, specifically the Amex Platinum card versus the Citibank Prestige card. Obviously, there is no “one best” card for everyone. For instance, assuming you were agnostic about which airline you fly, you might value the more varied airport lounge access that the Amex …

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Jul 03

Free golf and geeking out to a Chase Sapphire dining bonus

(I’m going to be out of office for the next week or so. I’ll be posting, but not as frequently as usual.) I have spoken to a few people who have the Citibank Prestige card to gauge reactions. Lounges? Great. Cash credits? Great. Free hotel nights? Great. But you know what I have heard most …

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Apr 09

A couple of high-end credit card deals worth your time (but one comes with a catch)

I have to admit, part of the fun of this gig is the “something for nothing” aspect, whether it is miles, cash back or the occasional “free after ExtraBucks” shampoo at CVS (Okay, the first two are generally more exciting, especially because the hotels provide plenty of shampoo.).  And while it’s rare to get rewards …

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Jan 29

Big Spender, Part II: One good and one horrid credit card

The usual rules apply: I may receive a commission if you are approved for a card through my link.  Thank you in advance! Here’s part 2 of the best cards for big spenders and heavy travelers.  One of the cards, I really like and will be applying for it in the spring.  The other is …

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