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May 23

Delta Improves Elite Benefits, Marriott And Chase Shoots for Small Businesses

Delta Remembers Their Elite Members Over the past few years, Delta has slowly been transitioning its rewards program from a mileage-based one to a revenue-based one. In other words, the customers who got the biggest rewards were the ones that spent the most money, as opposed to those who flew the most miles (which I …

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Apr 02

Highest Ever Hilton Amex Offer and a Darn Good Southwest Chase Card

The Hilton Surpass Card – 100,000 Points Apparently, the card bonus wars aren’t over among issuers, as Hilton raises the bar to six figures. Through May 4, The Surpass Card from American Express is offering 100,000 to sign up and spend $3,000 within your first three months as a cardholder. I’ve never seen a bonus …

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Feb 12

Chase Giveth, Chase Taketh Away and American Addeth…

There’s some interesting stuff related to Chase floating around on the Interweb today, as well as a nice touch from American Airlines for delayed flights. Here’s a look: Chase giveth… Chase is back with another great Marriott Rewards card. In fact, this is the best one that I’ve ever seen. Not only does it offer …

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Aug 21

The Hilton 4Q promotion is actually quite good (Oh, yeah, there’s a Marriott offer, too.)

Hilton just announced its promotion for the fourth quarter, and it’s actually a good one. From September 1-December 31, you will earn double points for stays for Monday-Thursday nights, and triple points on Fri-Sun nights. Only base points (10 per dollar spent) are doubled and you need to register here, but that’s about the extent …

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Aug 04

The best cash back credit card sign-up bonuses

A while ago, I did a post on the best airline card bonuses and the best hotel card bonuses. At the time, I meant to do one on cash-back cards but, well, life happens. Reminds me of an old saying, something about good intentions and paving a road. In any case, I have finally gotten around to …

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Jul 09

Marriott matches and one-ups Hilton credit card bonus

Well, that’s interesting. After Hilton launched a 75,000 point bonus, Marriott decided to one-up them and offer a limited time only 80,000 card, which can be found by clicking through the banner here.* Marriott has no black-out dates (If a standard room is available you can, with few exceptions, get it.), offers occasional discounted “PointSavers” …

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Jul 03

Free golf and geeking out to a Chase Sapphire dining bonus

(I’m going to be out of office for the next week or so. I’ll be posting, but not as frequently as usual.) I have spoken to a few people who have the Citibank Prestige card to gauge reactions. Lounges? Great. Cash credits? Great. Free hotel nights? Great. But you know what I have heard most …

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Jun 29

I give up: You should get the British Airways Visa, (especially if you live in the US!)

Certain cards mentioned may give me a commission if you order them through my site. I thank you in advance. I give up. I’ve been waiting and waiting for British Airways to turn on its 100,000 Avios (the fancy BA term for miles) promo for its Visa card. It’s clearly not happening, and thus, I sadly have …

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Jun 25

Foreign transaction fees on credit cards…

I received a question the other day about foreign transaction fees on credit cards, which I also refer to as “because they can” fees. These fees are just what they sound like: if you make a purchase abroad (or purchase from a merchant located abroad), they will charge you an extra 1-3% for the privilege. …

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May 11

Chase United card offers inflated bonus of 50,000 miles

It’s been a rough few on this end of the keyboard.  First, I found out that Phineas and Ferb is being cancelled.  Then, I watched the Patriots get whacked for Deflategate.  Tough weekend (and Monday). Unlike footballs, however, Chase credit card bonuses are getting inflated (See what I did there?).  A couple of days ago, …

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