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Feb 03

Valentine’s Day Is Coming: Get Miles

cash back shopping

I got the first of my Valentine’s Day reminders today, so I’ll pass it along to you. Get Miles Or Cash for Flowers I’ve discussed cash back shopping several times and have an entire page dedicated to it, but inevitably, some people do something on the internet that does not get them money or miles. …

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Nov 05

Up to 5,000 Bonus American Miles for Online Shopping

Planning on buying presents online for the holidays? Then you might as well get some extra American miles for doing so. Up to 5,000 Bonus Miles It’s easy. Do your shopping through the bonus link and earn up to 5,000 bonus miles (in other words, on top of the ones that you already earn for …

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Nov 04

Eating and Shopping for Fun and Miles

As we approach the holidays, you’ll get more and more offers to help separate you from your cash. Just remember Rule #1: Never shop without getting something back for it. Dining for Miles Crude but effective. Restaurants that have trouble generating traffic at a particular time of day (or at all) are willing to partner …

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Sep 29

Discover Card Bonus categories for Q4

I try not to do too many credit card posts in a row, but Discover just released its fourth quarter bonus categories, and this one is always a money-maker. Nothing particularly complicated: In terms of simplicity, yesterday’s post was a 1, on a scale of 1-10. Today’s is a 3. A bit more work, but definitely …

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Jul 27

The best cash shopping credit card is…

I may receive compensation if you get a credit card through my link. Thank you very much in advance! Most of my posts focus on either acquiring or using miles and/or points. In fact, there is no such thing as a program with zero value, and Rule #1 is “Always sign up for a free program, …

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Mar 29

Cash Back shopping: So long, BigCrumbs

It happened again: Picking Arizona for the Final Four cost me, as they couldn’t get by Wisconsin.  On the plus side, I’ve still got three remaining (with Michigan State helping me for the second straight year).  It happens. Long-time readers will know that I am a big fan of cash back shopping sites as a …

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Mar 04

Discover ups the ante: New card pays 3% on all purchases

Until now, my everyday credit card has been the Capital One Venture Card, which pays 2% on all purchases.  And it’s about to be replaced, at least for a year. Discover just announced the Discover It Miles card, which actually pays you in cash, not miles.  The cash-back rate on all purchases is 1.5%, but …

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Dec 31

Southwest Sale, Shopping Portal

Southwest Airlines launched a flash fare sale, good through tomorrow.  The fares are decent, but not great.  The plus side to Southwest is that they don’t charge the nickel-and-diming fees that most other carriers do.  There’s no fee to change your tickets and no fee for the first or second bag, so the fare is …

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Dec 20

Shopping for charity at Amazon Smile

With only five shopping days left until Christmas, we’re getting into crunch time.  As you know, I’m a big fan of using online shopping malls for any of my purchases, getting either miles or cash back.  But there’s one major retailer that does not participate in the shopping rebates for the majority of its products: …

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Sep 11

Let the airlines pay you to shop

There are airline gimmicks that I like and those that I don’t like.  Surprisingly, the airline shopping malls are among the ones that I do like.  And with only 105 shopping days until Christmas, you’re going to start seeing more emails from airlines about their shopping sites.  And I’m only half-joking. Here’s a new rule: …

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