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Aug 23

Triple-Dipping On Gift Cards (Travel Included)

Most of the time, I discuss ways to get more miles for whatever you do. Today, however, I’m going to take it the opposite direction and talk about a way to save some money while doing so. Triple-Dipping on Gift Cards Gift cards serve one purpose in life: They serve as a present when you …

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Apr 30

Cash back for Car Rentals and Online Travel Agents

Yesterday, I ran through how to earn cash back just for booking hotels and airfare.  Today, let’s finish the vacation and do car rentals and online travel agents. In the comments yesterday, I was asked about the reliability of one of the shopping sites.  While I have no reason to believe that any of the …

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Apr 25

Mother’s Day purchases: Get your miles!

No reason not to get some miles while showing your love for Mom.  So far, the big “donor” appears to be FTD, which is offering 35 miles per dollar at Delta and 30 miles per dollar spent at American and United.  Most of the others appear to be sitting this one out, although that doesn’t …

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Jan 17

How much is a mile worth, anyway?

As you’ve noticed, in the areas where I reference earning miles for shopping, I also offer options for receiving cash back.  That may not make sense on a site dedicated to frequent flyer miles, but I don’t want my readers to lose sight of one fact: While frequent flyer miles are fun to collect (Some …

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