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Apr 10

Earning American Miles Through BankDirect


Last week, I discussed the end of the mileage bonuses at Fidelity Investments. In that post, I referenced BankDirect, a Texas-based internet bank that offers miles instead of interest (Technically, it’s in addition to interest, which is currently a whopping 0.01% for balances greater than $2,500.). BankDirect: Your New Mileage Bank Several years ago, BankDirect, …

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May 12

End of an Era: SunTrust crushes the Delta SkyMiles card

It finally happened.  After years of allowing Delta flyers (and non-flyers) to rack up hundreds of thousands of Delta mlles with the swipe of a debit card, SunTrust announced a change of terms of service that essentially kill the usefulness of the card as of July 25 (Who chose that date, anyway?). For those of …

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May 03

UFB Direct dramatically devalues debit card

While my favorite bank for earning American Airlines is BankDirect, a close second, until recently, was UFB Direct, which gave one mile for every two dollars spent on its debit card.  Unfortunately, I’m now using the past tense for the latter, because the bank significantly devalued the card a few days ago. As of June, …

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Mar 13

BankDirect should live to fight another day…

My favorite way of earning American Airlines miles is with BankDirect, a financial institution that pays you in miles for your deposits. With interest rates so low, the bank is almost a gimme, considering that you are getting something back for you business.  Here’s what you get: Not a bad deal, particularly if you have …

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Nov 04

BankDirect: Still the easiest way to earn big American miles

A few weeks ago, a friend who does a lot of international travel asked me for some tips on accumulating miles so she could take her entire family to Asia.  While going through my list, I ran across my old friend BankDirect.  In terms of both effort and total mileage potential, it is truly one …

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