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Oct 26

Will Southwest Airlines Implement New Bag Fees?

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My primary goal with this blog is to provide assistance to those who are novices in the frequent flyer game (or just like a good read). Thus, the “101” moniker. Every so often, though, I find a topic that’s interesting enough that it’s worth taking it up a notch. Today provides one such opportunity. Has …

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Jun 30

JetBlue bag fees start tomorrow; another one bites the dust

We’re down to one domestic airline with free bags, as JetBlue will start charging for checked bags tomorrow, leaving Southwest as the lone freebie. Mosaic (elite) members will still get two free bags, as will anyone on their itinerary. JetBlue is moving to a fare system called “bundling.” It operates like cable, where you choose …

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Oct 20

On baggage fees…

I got a note from a frustrated reader who got snagged by an over-zealous gate agent and charged a bag fee.  It was a legitimately sized bag that she had been using for a decade without a problem.  Unfortunately, I expect more of this type of action in the near future.  Her carrier was Delta, …

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Aug 22

Bag fees going up. Again.

Traveling domestically or to Canada with a third bag? Congratulations, your trip just got $25 more expensive, as Delta raised its third bag fee to $150 and American quickly matched. Somebody at United must be sleeping late, but they’ll hop on board shortly. Seriously, isn’t it just cheaper to buy all new clothes at your …

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