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Apr 25

100,000 British Airways Avios From Chase (But Mind The Value Gap)


Six-figure bonuses are the new five-figure bonuses. At one point, a great sign-up bonus for a credit card was 25,000 miles. Now, you need to be pushing 100,000 before I get excited. Such is the case with Chase’s British Airways card, which is offering up to 100,000 miles as a sign-up bonus.* Even if you …

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Jan 16

Reader Question: Transferring Points between Airlines

Reader Question: Can I apply for the British Airways credit card, transfer the points to Alaska and use those points  to fly Emirates? Thanks for the question. The short answer is no, since it is very difficult to transfer points directly between airlines. But there are other options out there. There are a number of …

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Oct 28

British Airways Takes a Large Increase on Short-Haul Award Flights

    Well, it was good while it lasted. British Airways just announced the death of the best reward ticket for short-haul flights. Until now, BA flights under 650 miles could be had for just 4,500 Avios one way. Now, it may seem irrelevant for those of you not from the UK, except that BA …

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Sep 18

Chase British Airways 100K miles offer is back!

Tidbit: British Airways is one of the few airlines where you’ll get better value using its points on a partner, such as AA or US Airways, than you will on its own flights, due to surcharges on BA metal. And with award prices based on distance rather than price, that return is extremely high, particularly …

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Aug 09

A bit of this and a bit of that…

It’s been a quiet weekend for miles, which is sometimes a good thing. Here’s a few tidbits that I picked up. We spent yesterday with some friends who do a lot of traveling but aren’t the most efficient users of miles. One member of the family mentioned that they would be buying some tickets from …

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Jun 29

I give up: You should get the British Airways Visa, (especially if you live in the US!)

Certain cards mentioned may give me a commission if you order them through my site. I thank you in advance. I give up. I’ve been waiting and waiting for British Airways to turn on its 100,000 Avios (the fancy BA term for miles) promo for its Visa card. It’s clearly not happening, and thus, I sadly have …

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May 07

A big British Airways promo and an upgraded credit card bonus

I got an email today with an offer for “up to 115,000 Bonus Avios” from British Airways (“Avios” is their fancy term for miles, since just saying “miles” would be too commonplace.).  This was it; I was sure it was going to be their annual offer of 100,000 Avios for the credit card sign-up.  Alas, …

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Jan 28

British Airways ups reward levels, but the best deals are still good (and why you should care)

Last year, I talked about the British Airways frequent flyer program and why it matter even if you don’t live in the UK.  The short version is: BA determines the amount of miles (or “avios,” as BA calls them) you need for a flight by the distance of the flight, not the continent or the …

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Aug 25

Et tu, Iberia? Then fall, British Airways?

I always try to provide attribution when I get information from another source, but this one hit blogs and spread like wildfire and I have no idea where it originated. My source was an email from a friend, who got it from somewhere else, who got it from somewhere else, etc. In any case, Iberia …

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Aug 05

Using British Airways Avios for big savings

So I returned from a weekend away to find that my beloved Red Sox have traded away pretty much the entire team and are in negotiations to send a batboy and the “Hey Hot Dogs” guy to Cleveland for an usher to be named later and that Chumley guy from Pawn Stars. But for those …

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