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Mar 28

American And China Southern Pair Up

china southern

It’s like that uncomfortable moment at the Bar Mitzvah, when the last remaining kids end up pairing to dance, not because they are great together, but rather, they just don’t want to be standing their awkwardly while everyone else is having a good time. The Deal Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but I wonder …

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Feb 08

Credit Card Christmas in February

It’s credit card Christmas, as a remarkable three airline cards are offering 50,000 mile sign-up bonuses. We’ll occasionally get one or two at the same time, but we rarely have three simultaneously. Credit Card Bonanza You’ve got several choices if you want an enhanced bonus, so I’d take advantage of it now. Among your choices: …

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Jan 30

It’s Official: Prices Are Going Up


After two years of declining ticket prices in the airline industry, things are looking up for them in 2017, as most are predicting positive unit revenues, or RASM*, trends. Prices Are Heading up True, you may not have noticed it if you didn’t live in a competitive market but, over the last two years, ticket …

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Aug 11

Industry Tidbits (And Why You May Need To Rename Your Pet)

Lots of bits and pieces from around the industry today, so put aside your Pokemon Go for now. A Marriott Save The Date Card If you are a Marriott customer, you likely just got a notice about their upcoming MegaBonus promotion, starting September 1. Marriott runs this promotion a few times per year, which gives …

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Aug 06

Everyone’s Welcome! Well, No, Not You, Or You…

Flying is, at the best of times, not much more than comfortable. At the worst of times, well, we’ve all been there. But it’s worse for some than it is for others. There have been a number of stories of passengers removed from planes over the past few years, and the vast majority of them …

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Jul 12

What’s Happening in The Airline Industry…

And we’re back! Just got back to the US yesterday and am recovering from jet lag while trying to figure out why thousands of people are walking around staring at their cell phones, trying to catch imaginary objects. Qatar Taking A Share in Lan Airlines The Middle East carriers (Qatar, Etihad and Emirates, better known …

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May 19

500 Free United Miles, A First-Class Sale and LAX News

MyPoints Is Back: 500 United Miles MyPoints, an online affiliate site, is back with a bonus offer, this time for 500 United Airlines Mileage Plus miles. MyPoints gives you points for such things as clicking on a link, watching a video or shopping through the site. While shopping through their site is the fastest way …

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Apr 28

Mother’s Day Is Coming Up; You Know What That Means…

Yup, spring is here. Not really in New England, but the calendar says it is. With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to start looking for flowers and gifts. I mean, sure, you love Mom, but how often does she come with miles? By buying your presents through the “Earn Miles” or “Earn Points” sections …

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Feb 27

Bed Bugs, Unwritten Rules and JetBlue’s Viral Video

It’s just been another odd week. Bed Bugs on BA Eww. Not only did British Airways fly a plane with bed bugs in it but, apparently, it also knew that there was a bug problem and that it hadn’t been completely cleaned up. Oddly, the bugs chose to fly coach, leading the passengers in row …

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Feb 25

Two Methods To Get 25,000 Miles (That I Will Never Use)

As the guy who has done mileage runs to three different continents, I’d be hard pressed to say that there are many things that I wouldn’t be tempted to do for miles. Granted, I’d never consider getting laser surgery for a free trip, but there’s no question that loyalty programs do exactly what they’re meant …

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