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Mar 07

American Express Platinum Card Raises Fees, Benefits: Is It Worth It?

The American Express Platinum Card has long been the gold standard (or Platinum standard, as the case may be) for high-end credit cards.  Over the past few years, however, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Citi Prestige cards have surpassed the Amex Platinum, offering significantly better benefits at a cheaper price. Recently, though, Amex began to …

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Oct 05

American Express Platinum Raises Travel Bonus

With the Chase Sapphire Reserve having entered the fray for best high-end card, American Express has realized that it needs to up its game, and makes a big start as of tomorrow. New Amex Platinum Benefit Starting October 6, American Express Platinum card holders will earn 5X points on all airfare booked through the American Express …

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Jul 29

Just How Badly Did Citibank Gut The Prestige Card?

When I first wrote about the Citibank Prestige card, I noted that the benefits that it offered not only offset the annual fee but also represented a massive overreach in terms of what they were offering. In other words, the perks were simply too good. Apparently, they agreed. They haven’t quite gutted the card, but …

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Sep 09

Comparing the American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige cards

I recently got a recent question about credit cards with high-end travel benefits, specifically the Amex Platinum card versus the Citibank Prestige card. Obviously, there is no “one best” card for everyone. For instance, assuming you were agnostic about which airline you fly, you might value the more varied airport lounge access that the Amex …

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Aug 16

Airspace Lounges: They’re real, and they’re spectacular (well, pretty good)

A few days ago, I did a review of the Delta JFK Sky Club, a 24,000 square foot upscale airport lounge. I got in because of a credit card, the American Express Platinum card, which gives access to not only their own Centurion lounges but also Delta’s Sky Clubs and Priority Pass lounges, a network …

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Aug 14

Delta’s JFK Sky Club: Worth the price of admission

I have to admit, when Delta puts its mind to it, it can generate a nice product. JFK itself is not the world’s finest airport, but the relatively new Terminal 4 and flagship Sky Club by gate B32 are far superior to anything else you will find at the airport. It almost makes flying out …

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Jan 27

Hey big spender, what’s in your wallet? Part I, American Express Platinum

I’ve recently gotten two questions regarding credit cards and decided to make them into one topic.  The questions were about the best card for big spenders/heavy travelers and the second was about credit cards that offer lounge access.  Note that none of these cards come without a hefty fee and, unless you are a frequent …

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