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Nov 12

Why an airline credit card may not be your best bet (even for that airline!)

(Please note: many of the cards that I will discuss are available through the travel rewards banner found toward the bottom of the page here.  You don’t have to use these links, of course, but if you do, I really appreciate the support!) Over the weekend, we went out for dinner with some friends.  As …

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Nov 04

BankDirect: Still the easiest way to earn big American miles

A few weeks ago, a friend who does a lot of international travel asked me for some tips on accumulating miles so she could take her entire family to Asia.  While going through my list, I ran across my old friend BankDirect.  In terms of both effort and total mileage potential, it is truly one …

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Sep 23

American and BA offer up to 125,000 miles for Transatlantic flights

Whipping out the big guns, which is something that they do every year around this time of year, American and British Airways have both put out offers that can reward you richly if you fly across the Atlantic in a premium cabin between September 23 and January 10.  Note that you must register to earn …

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Sep 18

A few airline promotions: American, United

Here’s a few of the better promos that are currently on the market.  You may or may not benefit, but it’s worth registering, just in case. Club Carlson isn’t my primary hotel program, but I do consider it to be one of, if not the, most generous.  There is a very easy promotion going on now. …

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Jul 29

How the USA became such a hot destination for Venezuelans

On American Airlines’s quarterly conference call, CEO Doug Parker made a curious comment about airline demand.  He noted that revenues per seat mile flown (RASM), the unit of measurement for airline sales, would not be as high as expected because of weakness in Venezuela.  Venezuela?  I mean, I know the country isn’t tiny, but these …

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Jun 24

Hey Big Spenders: Up to 100,000 AA miles flying to Asia

Well, AA has jumped into the Asia promo game, but it’s best if you’re using OPM (other people’s money), because to max this one out, you’ll be spending a lot of money.  The bonuses are for flying from Chicago to Shanghai or Dallas to either Shanghai or Hong Kong. Flying First or Business Class?  Congrats, …

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Jun 04

Earning American miles with UFB Direct

The most frequent requests I get are for strategies to earn American miles.  There are the traditional ones that can be used for any airline (shopping sites, credit cards, etc.), and then there are those that are unique to American.  This one is in the latter category.  It involves UFB Direct, a subsidiary of BofI. …

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Mar 24

American Airlines: 1,050 free miles (free and easy)

GIMME ALERT! American Airlines is giving you 1,050 miles for a few clicks.  You do need a Facebook account (Read here if you hate FB and don’t want to give up your personal info.) to play, but you simply answer a few trivia questions and earn your points.  It goes through May and can be found …

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Feb 10

American Airlines and US Airways continue to integrate

American Airlines just announced that it would be adding “more room” seats on US Airways planes.  “More room” seats have more legroom than coach but less than first class.  They are a way to reward customers with elite status or allow others to pay a little more for a better experience. So why is this …

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Nov 13

Airline mergers: What does it mean for miles?

Yesterday, American Airlines and US Airways announced that they had settled with the Department of Justice and would be merging.  So what does that mean for miles? The answer: Not much.  Technically, US Airways is purchasing American, but the American Airlines brand is better known, so that is what the new airline will be called. …

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