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Mar 15

American Brings Back Main Cabin Meals on Some Flights

airline food

Remember the old joke about airline food, how it tastes awful and there’s never enough of it? Well, we’ve taken another step toward those days again, as American Airlines announced yesterday that it is joining Delta in bringing back meals in Economy on some flights. Eating Wraps at 30,000 Feet American Airlines announced yesterday that …

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Feb 22

American Airlines Changes The Boarding Process. Again.

Airlines do certain things well. Getting their passengers on planes is not one of them. For years, airlines have tried to optimize the boarding process and, for years, they’ve failed. In fact, if anything, the process has gotten more complicated. In fact, the only logical thing that they’ve done is tacitly admitted that they have …

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Jan 18

American Airlines Adding Basic Economy

basic economy

American Airlines issued a press release today announcing the introduction of its Basic Economy fares, matching the new fare class set out by Delta and United. Basic Economy Basic Economy (BE) is a class of service right below traditional economy and is meant to compete with the Spirit Airlines of the world. You’ll get a …

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Jan 16

American Airlines Just Destroyed Their Best Mileage Award

With all the sturm und drang of the past several weeks, American slipped a change through. It was not a particularly well-publicized move, but it was one that put severe restrictions on one of the most valuable aspects of the program. It’s going to get a bit wordy, but it’s one that matters. Easy Upgrades …

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Nov 11

Win 500,000 American Miles And A Cruise

american airlines cruises

I’m a big fan of cruising. I’m not such a big fan of booking cruises through an airline. True, you earn miles on every dollar spent, but you can usually do better through a travel agent, who may give you cash or a shipboard credit. Still, if they’re going to give me a cruise for …

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Nov 05

Up to 5,000 Bonus American Miles for Online Shopping

Planning on buying presents online for the holidays? Then you might as well get some extra American miles for doing so. Up to 5,000 Bonus Miles It’s easy. Do your shopping through the bonus link and earn up to 5,000 bonus miles (in other words, on top of the ones that you already earn for …

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Oct 24

Bonus Miles to Australia or New Zealand

bonus miles to australia or new zealand

The Crocodile Dundee obsession may have died out two decades ago (three decades?), but American is announcing a new promotion to Australia, anyway. And, just for good measure, they’re throwing in New Zealand. Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles American is offering a promotion that we see frequently: bonus miles to a particular destination during what …

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Aug 09

American Airlines Confirms Entertainment Options

Last year, American Airlines announced a huge investment in its in-flight and airport products. Today, we got a little more information on the changes, with a headline on the in-flight entertainment (a problem that Delta has already fixed, for the most part). Yes, gone are the days of decks of cards and wings for the …

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Aug 02

American Airlines: You Are Now Your Ticket Price

American Airlines Goes Revenue-Based Yesterday, American Airlines officially became the last of the three legacy carriers to move to a revenue-based system to determine how many miles you will earn on your flight. In a world where the length of the flight does not necessarily correlate to the price, I’m not surprised that this change …

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Jul 17

Just A Couple Of Weekend Tidbits

Normally, I’m happy if I get one good bit of info from a single source in a week. But two? Hey, twice as good. Why Do We Need A Seatbelt Demonstration? It’s a plane ritual. No matter what class of service, destination or amount of luggage you carry, you’re going to get the seatbelt demonstration. …

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