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Jan 12

Alaska Airlines: Free 10,000 Miles Or $100 Credit

Rule #1 of collecting miles is simple: Always sign up for every free program, no matter how little you get for it. And normally, it’s not much. Most programs start you off with 500-1,000 points or miles, or something else worth a nominal amount. A Big Freebie from Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines, on the other …

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Apr 11

Upcoming Devaluations

Alaska Air Alaska Air recently made a change to its mileage program that will affect only a few of you but, for those who are impacted, it’s gonna hurt. The airline, whose Mileage Plan program is one of my favorites due to its versatility, but that versatility is now going to come with an increased …

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Apr 04

Just Another Manic Monday

I try not to write too much about industry financials, because those conversations inevitably get deep into the weeds, but the past few days have been too odd to ignore. Starwood After volatile romances with both Marriott and Anbang Insurance of China, Starwood finally ended up with Sarah, Plain and Tall. The courtship began as …

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Dec 07

An Emirates/JetBlue Bonus and a Reader Question

For those with the big bucks, JetBlue announced a promotion in conjunction with Emirates. Register here and use the promo code on the page and you’ll get a discount on your Emirates flight, based on the class of service that you buy. And because you can earn TrueBlue points on Emirates, you’ll get either double …

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Apr 06

Alaska Airlines: The little program that could (benefit you if you’re an infrequent traveler)

As a New Englander, I don’t get to spend too much time on airlines that focus on western states such as Frontier, WestJet and, to some extent, Southwest.  But one that I really miss is Alaska Airlines (Don’t call them “Alaskan Airlines,” by the way.).  I’ve always had a soft spot for them since flying …

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Nov 12

Why an airline credit card may not be your best bet (even for that airline!)

(Please note: many of the cards that I will discuss are available through the travel rewards banner found toward the bottom of the page here.  You don’t have to use these links, of course, but if you do, I really appreciate the support!) Over the weekend, we went out for dinner with some friends.  As …

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Dec 03

Turf wars: Bonus miles when an airline invades another’s territory…

Background info.  You can skip down a few paragraphs if all you want to know about is the mileage opportunity: As you may know, most major airlines operate on the “hub and spoke” system.  In other words, if you want to fly to A to B, just about any major airline will be able to get …

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