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Aug 15

Earn American Miles On Your Hotel Bookings


We’re undergoing a bit of a face lift around these parts, so this post, like the next several, will be a bit on the shorter side. Actually, that’s probably a good thing. Get AAdvantage Miles for Hotel Bookings There is a certain advantage to booking all of your travel in one place, which the airlines …

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Jul 22

You may still be able to get a 50K miles Citi Aadvantage card (the potential back door)

A few days ago, I had a post about a Citibank card that had a nice sign-up bonus but wasn’t worth the fee for most people. But what if you could get most of the sign-up bonus at no cost? Now, it becomes interesting… While doing some research for a friend, I stumbled across a …

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Mar 25

Final details on AA and US Airways merged programs

As seen here. AA and US are finally going to merge their programs this Friday and, based on what I’ve seen from AA’s management (Technically, the team came from US Airways and that team came from America West, but why quibble?), it should go relatively smoothly.  Note that this integration is not the difficult one …

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Nov 04

BankDirect: Still the easiest way to earn big American miles

A few weeks ago, a friend who does a lot of international travel asked me for some tips on accumulating miles so she could take her entire family to Asia.  While going through my list, I ran across my old friend BankDirect.  In terms of both effort and total mileage potential, it is truly one …

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Oct 28

American and US Airways announce program integration; No real surprises

Today, American Airlines and US Airways announced the timeline for the integration of the two programs and there were no real surprises.  Actually, there was one surprise, and that was that there are no real surprises.  Congratulations, American (and US Airways): Your miles just became a little more valuable. Truthfully, I was expecting the program …

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Nov 04

Shopping for miles: 17 American miles per dollar spent at Nieman Marcus

In the Shopping for Miles section, I discussed earning miles by shopping through an airline’s website.  You can get some good deals, but you rarely get more than three or four miles per dollar spent.  Often, the biggest rewards are for merchants you may never have heard of who are willing to offer great rebates just …

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