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Nov 22

Surveys: A Plus And A Minus

On more than one occasion, I’ve discussed how easy it is to earn points by taking surveys. There are a fair number of companies that offer surveys and just as many travel providers who partner with them. Everyone, of course, is in it to make a buck, so you see the occasional new ones pop up, as well as downgrades from others. And sometimes, we get both.

Earn Total Rewards Points With Say And Play

Use your points to get that kind of view

I’m surprised that casinos haven’t focused more on their loyalty programs, although their best customers are the ones who don’t need the points anyway, since they get everything for free.

Caesars Entertainment, owner of the Harrah’s and Caesars brands, among others, have partnered with Say And Play to offer Caesars Total Rewards points for taking surveys. Most surveys will earn you 50-200 points and take anywhere from a few minutes to 25 to complete. Note that there’s often no correlation between the length of the survey and the points you earn. Points with Total Rewards are generally worth a penny each, although they’re worth half that amount if you use them to gamble. Still, it could be a nice way to end up treating yourself to an upscale meal.

eMiles In Decline

eMiles had been a program that I had high hopes for. The original eMiles had offered links that gave you points for clicking through, with additional points for participating in activities.

Recently, they rolled out a new version of the site and the opportunities have definitely gone downhill. The easy clicks for points are gone. Surveys don’t pay a lot and I’ve had a couple that have failed to credit. And the vast majority of offers require some sort of purchase to earn anything.

I don’t begrudge them the right to earn a profit, but there are better sites out there.

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    • chris on November 22, 2017 at 9:57 pm
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    i agree about emiles. i used to like it for keeping all the family’s accounts alive but now it’s useless

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