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Nov 04

Shopping for miles: 17 American miles per dollar spent at Nieman Marcus

In the Shopping for Miles section, I discussed earning miles by shopping through an airline’s website.  You can get some good deals, but you rarely get more than three or four miles per dollar spent.  Often, the biggest rewards are for merchants you may never have heard of who are willing to offer great rebates just to get some business.

But occasionally, you get a gem.  Or a place that sells gems.  Or a place that sells clothes priced like gems.  In this case, I’m referring to Nieman Marcus.  Planning on doing some shopping there?  Well, now’s a good time, since you’ll get 17 American Airlines miles per dollar spent through Thursday, November 11 (Thanks to Wendy for the email.).  We haven’t yet discussed how to value a mile in dollar terms, but I generally seem them as worth 1-2 cents each.  Thus, in mileage terms, you are receiving somewhere between 17% and 34% back on a purchase.  Enjoy!  Added bonus: Through the end of January, they’ll throw in free shipping.

You can see the deal here.  Before making a purchase, I always recommend a very simple process known as clearing your cookies to ensure that the purchase tracks properly.

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