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Aug 10

Seniors, Get Your National Parks Lifetime Pass Now

They tell me that there’s no inflation these days, but that’s not going to be true for much longer as the National Park Service increases the price of its senior lifetime pass from $10 to $80 on August 28. If you don’t have one, now’s the time.

See The Country for $10

national park

Get the pass before the price spikes

The National Park Service is one of the country’s great treasures and always a destination for international visitors. The lifetime pass covers entrance or amenity fees at over 2,000 sites, including not only NPS sites but Forest Services, Army Corps of Engineers and other locations. Sadly, the parks aren’t all free, but fees tend to be modest for all but the most popular sites.

The national park system is not just Yosemite or Yellowstone. Many people don’t know, for instance, that much of downtown Boston is a park, known as Boston National Historical Park. In fact, most major cities have at least one urban national park in them. Rangers will give tours of the sites to help you understand why it is important, or “interpret” history.

Sadly, the price is going up for those who are 62 or older. It will move from $10 to $80, although there is also a $20 annual pass available (Four annual passes can be traded in for one lifetime pass).

The bottom line: Get your pass now and save yourself $70 down the line.

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