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Sep 01

Seated: Generous Bonuses For Eating Out

We’ve got frequent flyer programs. We’ve got hotel points. Heck, we’ve even got rental car loyalty plans. Until recently, though, we had very little in the way of dining programs (at least ones that paid decently).

Seated – $15 Back Per Reservation


 Seated. So easy to use that even I can do it.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Seated (Download it in your favorite app store.) gives you $15 in the form of an Amazon, Starbucks or Uber gift card when you make a reservation at one of their 3,000 restaurants in 15 cities (a number that seems to be growing fast).*

Even better, the restrictions are few and far between. No, you don’t have to meet a minimum for your order, although each person does need to eat (something more than drinks). You are also limited to the same restaurant twice per month. But that’s it.

Oh, Two Other Things…

First, if you use code “MICHAEL340” when you register, you are guaranteed to have a perfect meal. Okay, that’s not true, but I do receive a small referral bonus that costs you nothing. Thanks!

Second, I see no reason that you can’t stack this deal with the 10% back offer from Uber. Might as well enjoy your meal on the cheap.


*Yes, in addition to making the reservation, you actually have to keep the reservation and eat there.



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