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Jul 20

Possible Double/Triple Points At Holiday Inn Express. But Mind The Conditions…

I’ve never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express (HIX), but their commercials tell me that doing so will make me smarter. Well, in that case…

Double Or Triple Points at Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express

They seem to spend a lot of time talking about their pancakes

This looks like a targeted promotion*, but they let me sign up, so it’s worth a try. Be sure to register ahead of time and, on stays of three more nights at HIX for stays in August or September, you’ll get:

  • Triple points Friday-Sunday
  • Double points Monday-Thursday

Sounds good, but there’s a big “if” in there: that three night minimum. In terms of promotions, that’s the most punitive stay requirement that I’ve seen in a while. True, summer leisure travelers (who are clearly the target of this promotion) will tend to have longer stays than business travelers, but most promotions only require that first night. The actual reward is pretty good, but the conditions to earn it are somewhat onerous.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t sign up? Of course not. You have nothing to lose. But, unless you have an extended stay at a HIX property, you have nothing to gain, either.


*Beginner’s Hint: A targeted promotion is one that is only sent to a particular group of customers. Remember, rewards programs don’t exist to reward your past loyalty. Rather, they’re around to influence your future purchasing habits.¬†


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