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Mar 08

Possible 70,000 Points for United Airlines Credit Card

This one is interesting. Generally, the  highest sign-up offer that I’ll see for the “cheap” cards (the ones that cost $95 per year) is 50,000 miles. Yesterday, I got an offer from United Airlines for their credit card that offered me 70,000 points as a sign-up bonus. And I’m not sure about who is eligible, which is what makes this one curious.

70,000 United Miles (More Or Less)


Here’s the deal: The offer I got is the one above, 70,000 miles. But when I clicked on the offer, I saw something different:

Wait, where are my 70,000 miles?

Notice that this screen is different. It doesn’t give me a total for the amount of miles that I earn. And then, when I click on the offer, I get this screen:


So which is it?

Somehow, I lost 20,000 miles in two clicks. This appears to be a targeted offer* gone wrong, and it would likely generate a phone call from me (if I were interested in the card). But be careful when you see these offers and make sure that they are consistent throughout. My suspicion is that I would get 70,000 miles if I did sign up and spend $3,000, but that may only apply to people who were actually targeted. Feel free to click on the deal and see what United is offering you.


*Beginner’s Hint: A “targeted” offer is one that is only sent to a certain group of people and is not open to the general public. As companies get more data, they are increasingly able to target offers to consumers that they think are more likely to purchase the product.

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