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Jun 07

Marriott Releases “Hidden” Promotion

Every quarter,* the major hotel companies launch major promotions (which are more comprehensive than the minor ones interspersed throughout the period). Marriott has launched theirs. Sort of.

Marriott MegaBonus


Your definition of “infinite” may be different from theirs

Marriott’s second quarter promotion was actually released over a month ago but, due to a technical error, many people didn’t get it. You had to know to email the company and asked to be enrolled. Fortunately, they’ve now released the promo into the wild.

The bad news is that this MegaBonus is not so mega. Starting May 27 (I know.) and lasting through September 4, you’ll get 2,000 points for every stay, beginning with your second stay. That description contains two big negatives: First, you’ll get the points per stay, rather than per night. A stay is one check-in and one check-out, no matter how many nights you stayed. Most offers will base your bonus points on the actual number of nights that you stayed. Furthermore, you don’t even get the bonus on your first stay. You actually have to wait until the second. This promotion won’t be getting too many customers to switch.

The “hook” is not much of one. You’ll earn an additional 2,000 points for each brand (Marriott, Renaissance, Courtyard, etc.) you stay with, as well. That bonus, of course, also starts with the second brand.

Marriott, maybe you should have just kept this one hidden. You’re just embarrassing yourselves.



*Beginner’s Hint: Some of them have moved to every four months, but you’re still getting the same amount of promotion time, regardless of what else you might read. Instead of getting four 3-month promos, you’re now getting three 4-month promos.


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