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Jan 16

Just How Many Issues Can Bags Cause?

Lately, I’ve been reading stories about bags. I feel like there was never a time when bags got to travel for free, but the fees that airlines charge are only about a decade old. Of course, over time, airlines and passengers have become like the the proverbial mouse and mousetrap, as each seeks to outwit the other. Apparently, the airlines tend to have the upper hand.

Ryanair Will Take Your Bag

Obviously, it’s okay to leave behind any of these bags.

Ryanair falls into the category of European ultra-low cost carrier, those airlines that sell you a seat but charge you for everything else (such as selecting which seat it will be). Over the summer, the airline announced that they passengers who wanted to bring a full-size carry-on bag would have to pay for priority boarding, or else the airline would take their luggage at the gate and check it for them. And now, Ryanair is actually enforcing its policy. In other words, you can bring two legally sized bags to the plane, but both of them won’t actually make it on the plane.

Ryanair claims, of course, that the excess fees are not a money-making venture, but rather, a way of keeping costs down by turning planes more quickly, since passengers will spend less time in the aisles. The priority boarding fees are just a bonus. Most airlines, however, would tell you that their costs for a checked bag is higher than that of one carried on, but those that do charge to bring on a bag that fits in the overhead do so for a logical reason: Because they can.

Why Ryanair is finally getting around to enforcing it is up for debate, but I have not doubt that they will earn a few extra pence from the bags’ extra pounds.

But A Fee Is Better Than An Arrest

There have been a lot of stories about people getting in trouble for not wearing clothes at the airport, or at security, or even on the airplane,┬ábut there haven’t been many about arrests for too many clothes. Iceland, ever the fashionable destination, has decided to change that. A passenger decided to avoid baggage fees by wearing all his outfits but, after a confrontation at the check-in desk, security was called. The whole thing was odd, not unexpected for a guy who calls himself Ryan Hawaii. Sounds like somebody’s trying for some Youtube fame.


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