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Apr 20

Jump Every Line At Disney World (For A Price)

You may already know about Disney’s FastPass* system, which lets you jump to the front of the line at different rides (or pretty darn close, anyway). You can only choose three to start the day (although you can get more after those three). But that still leaves you waiting in the heat for a large part of the day. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to jump to the front of every line at Disney World?

Disney’s Private Premium VIP Tours


Cinderella’s castle at The Magic Kingdom

Yup, for $400-600, you and up to nine friends can have a VIP tour of Disney, which includes FastPass access at every ride. Oh, wait, did I mention that it is $400-600 per hour, with a seven-hour minimum? That’s right, for up to $4,200, you can have the ultimate Disney experience. And that price doesn’t even include tickets. You have to purchase those separately.

So what does that price include? Some of the stuff is basic, like a flexible start time and a ride to the park. Your guide will also be a Disney expert. We waited in line behind a VIP family whose guide had been working with The Mouse for ten years.

The most valuable part of the “tour,” though, is the FastPass entry and priority seating for events. You won’t have to stake out a seat for parades or fireworks an hour ahead of time. They’ll simply walk you to your spot. And the priority access to rides will save you hours of waiting time. The most popular rides at the Magic Kingdom can have lines from one to two hours for the three minute experience. With the Private Premium VIP Tour**, however, you can ride Space Mountain until you’re sick and still have six hours or more left to enjoy.


*Disney’s FastPass system is, like many frequent flyer programs, manipulable. It happens to work extremely well, however, and is the topic for a different day.

**Disney clearly follows the policy of credit card companies. The longer the name, the more expensive the purchase.

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