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Nov 13

JetBlue Rolls 2018 Schedule Forward

JetBlue recently extended its schedule through September 4, allowing you to book your travel through Labor Day of 2018. It’s time to take a look and see what’s on offer.

A Schedule Update


And they come with pretty pictures

The discounters schedule their flights slightly differently than the legacy carriers do. While American, Delta, United and all of their friends tend to schedule flights 330 days in advance, the low cost carriers tend to do so only 6-9 months out. In this case, JetBlue gave us ten months worth of notice, which is more than usual but also indicative of slight changes that the airline is making.

So does the schedule roll-out mean anything to you? Darn tootin’ it does. If you’re the type of person that likes to book fares as soon as they become available, hold off, particularly if you are on a route that competes with a discounter.* For example, Delta used to be the only carrier that flew Boston-Minneapolis. Now, JetBlue has jumped into that market. But if you are booking that flight 330 days in advance, you won’t find any JetBlue fares, since they haven’t been announced yet, so the Delta fares will be sky-high. Remember, airline pricing is about competition. Once JetBlue’s fares are available, though, Delta may have to bring down their prices to compete. They may not match JetBlue, but the overall fare structure for the market will be lower.


*The caveat is, of course, if you are flying during a high-demand period, it might not matter. Discounters usually shave a few bucks off the price, but they’re still high. Just keep your eyes open.


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