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Jul 14

JetBlue Introduces Its Mosaic Challenge

Few airlines make their elite status as easy to achieve as JetBlue. You can make it through flying on the airline or spending enough on the fantastic JetBlue credit card. But what really helps you get the good stuff is the frequent promotions that they offer for tier points.*

Mosaic Challenge


The Mosaic Challenge

It’s easy enough. Well, not that easy, but that’s why they call it a challenge. But if you register and then earn 3,750 tier points over the following 90 days, they’ll give you Mosaic status with the airline through 2018. Not coincidentally, 3,750 equals 15,000/4. 15,000 is the number of points that you need each year to earn Mosaic, but this promotion will let you do it in a compressed time frame. You earn three tier points for each dollar that you spend.

What’s Mosaic Worth?

JetBlue’s Mosaic status is a powerful tool. You get a host of benefits, including a special check-in line, priority boarding and free checked bags. You also get a Mosaic-only phone number. And best of all, your status also applies to your traveling companions.

But my personal favorite perk is the ability to go “fee-free.” Need to make a change to your ticket or cancel it altogether? No problem, they will do that for you at no charge. As far as I’m concerned, this may be the single best benefit of elite status at any airline, now that upgrades at the majors are so difficult to get. Speaking of which, Mosaic members can upgrade to Even More Room seats for next to nothing, and you can use the 15,000 points that they give you when you achieve the status to pay for those upgrades. Enjoy.


*Beginner’s Hint: Airlines offer two types of points, redeemable and tier points. The redeemable points are what you’re most familiar with. Accumulate enough of them and you’ll go somewhere for free. Tier points are different. They usually reset to zero at the beginning of every year and aren’t redeemable for anything. But if you earn enough of them (and it varies by airline), you’ll earn elite status with that carrier, as well as benefits in its alliance with other carriers. Almost every flight you take will give you both types of points, although they don’t necessarily accumulate at the same rate.


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