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Mar 05

JetBlue Double Points Promo

In December/January, JetBlue usually sends out a double points email. They’re running a little later than usual this year, but the offer just went out.

Double TrueBlue Points (Elite Eligible)

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JetBlue normally gives three points per dollar spent but, for the duration of the program, they’re doubling your base points to six per dollar spent. Simply register by 3/23 and fly by April 30 and you’ll receive the extra points.* Sadly, you only get the base points for the ticket doubled. Any other bonuses (online booking or Mosaic, for instance) remain the same.

The best part about this promotion is that the bonus points also count toward elite status. Normally, airlines don’t count bonus miles toward status, but JetBlue is the exception. It takes 15,000 points to earn JetBlue Mosaic status, or $5,000 in spending. If you fly during the double promo period, your requirements are essentially cut in half for the duration of the program.

It costs nothing to register so, even if you don’t think that you will be flying during the promotion period, you might as well sign up.


Beginner’s Hint: It’s actually easy to calculate the value of JetBlue points. Unlike other airlines, which give you awards based on how far you are flying (e.g., a flight from Boston to Minneapolis would cost you the same number of points as one from Boston to San Francisco), JetBlue’s reward flights are based on the actual cast cost of the flight, with one point worth approximately 1.5 cents. For example, a $150 flight would cost about 10,000 points, while a $300 flight would cost about 20,000 points. If you are receiving six points per dollar spent, it’s an effective rebate of 9%.


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