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Apr 28

InterContinental Reintroduces Accelerate Bonus

My favorite hotel promotion of the year is InterContinental’s* (IHG) Accelerate offer, or whatever it calls the promo in any given quarter (They offer a similar program several times per year with different names.). The promotion isn’t always great, but it’s at least fun to game.

Accelerate 2017


Five nights gets me 43,000 points. Nope, not worth my time.

Accelerate is an individualized, action-based offer. IHG gives you a series of “tasks,” and you get reward points for completing them. Complete a certain number and you’ll get bonus points. For instance, I can pick up 4,000 points by staying once (2,500 points) during the promotion period (May 15 – August 31) and another and paying with my IHG credit card (1,500 points). Not a big deal, but not a lot of points, either, since reward nights run from 10,000 to 60,000 points. If I stay five nights, I get an additional 10,000 points, plus the completion bonus of 26,000.

Your offer will likely be different. The company targets** you based on your past history and the products that you have with the company (which could lead to a long debate about the actual nature of loyalty programs, but that’s for another time and post). But if you stay with them or their brands frequently, expect a more complicated, and likely more lucrative, promotion.


*Beginner’s Hint: The InterContinental brand is a luxury brand, but the IHG rewards program also includes the company’s other brands, such as Holiday Inn (and all of its iterations), Crowne Plaza and Candlewood Suites, among others.

**Beginner’s Hint: A “targeted offer” is one that is sent to an individual, or a specific group, and is not available to the general public.


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