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Aug 28

Intercontinental Has Extended The Industry’s Single Best Credit Card Deal

Note: This is one of those odd cards that you should own even if you never use the partner involved (in this case, Intercontinental Hotels).

By now, you know that you should never sign up for a credit card without some sort of incentive to do so. In fact, you should probably wait for a premium incentive unless you need the card desperately.* Right now, IHG (Intercontinental, Holiday Inn among others) is running the top promotion for the credit card with the best recurring offer. Take advantage of it.

80,000 Points And A Free Night

IHG Rewards

The Intercontinental London Park Lane. You could be here for $49.

My IHG credit card is the best card that I never use. For the most part, points from the card are just adequate and the free Platinum status that the card gets you isn’t worth the paper it’s written on (and who uses paper anymore, anyway)?

IHG is the parent for several hotel brands, including the luxury brand Intercontinental, the various Holiday Inn iterations and the off-beat Kimpton chain. I don’t stay at their hotels often, since I don’t want to pay for Intercontinental and don’t love Holiday Inns, but I have the card, anyway. Why is that?

There is really one primary reason. Notice how I said that I don’t want to pay for the luxury hotel. So I don’t. But the card gives you one free night per year that you can use at any property, starting with your first anniversary. You are not restricted to particular categories, like you are with free credit card nights from most other brands. It makes a great date night or room if you want to spend a night at someplace fancy but don’t want to whip out your credit card.

The card does come with other perks, of course. The 80,000 point sign-up bonus is good for at least one night anywhere, since IHG rewards run from 10,000-60,000 points, giving you a few leftover points, as well. And card holders get a 10% rebate on all redemptions, up to 100,000 points annually. But those are extras. The free night is an annual $300-500 bonus.

For a $49 annual fee, it’s hard to beat. All credit cards can be found on the Credit Cards for Charity page.


*Beginner’s Hint: Virtually every credit card offers some sort of reward to sign up. What they don’t always tell you, however, is that the banks run occasional promotions where they offer a bonus that is better than the standard one. For example, with the IHG card, the standard bonus is 60,000 points. Every so often, however, they’ll raise it temporarily to 80,000 points. If you know that a card you want occasionally plays with the sign-up award, you can wait for it. Chances are that if they’ve offered it once, they’ll offer it again.


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