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Aug 08

IHG Brings Back Accelerate Points Promotion

My favorite least-favorite promotion is back, as IHG re-ups its Accelerate promotion for the period September 1-December 31.*

IHG Rewards Accelerate

Your offer will vary.

This has become a recurring promotion for IHG (Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, etc.). The targeted offer* may or may not be in your inbox but, if it isn’t, you can go here to see what your bonus will be.

I love this promotion because it is easy to get something out of it. I almost never stay at IHG properties, but this promotion will occasionally swing me. It may do so again this time around. The key is to complete enough of the offers to get the Achievement Bonus at the bottom, which gives you extra points. In my case, they’re giving me 19,900 to complete three out of the four options (I also get extra points for staying in September and staying in New York, but those don’t count toward the achievement bonus.). I’m not going to stay five nights during the period, but the other three should be easy to achieve. In other words, with just two nights, I can earn 30,000 points.**

What I don’t love about this promotion is that it punishes IHG’s most loyal guests. If you stay with IHG frequently, they give you much more difficult tasks, such as staying 30 nights during the period or staying at properties on multiple continents. Those people do get more points for completing their offers, but it’s not proportionally larger.

Good luck, and remember to keep your eye on the actual value of what you’re earning.


*First seen on a couple of other sites, including View From The Wing and Flyertalk.

*Beginner’s Hint: A targeted offer is one which may be good for only a certain group of customers or is individualized for each person. 

**This promotion is great for IHG credit card holders, because one of the options is almost always to pay for a night with your card, which is obviously easy.


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