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Mar 29

Hyatt Announces Second Quarter Promotion

I’ve always felt that hotels’ promotions* were a good indicator of how business is. When promos are good, that means that the companies need to drive business. When business is good, there is no need to offer a decent promotion.

Hyatt Double Points for Being You


At least the registration process is easy.

Clearly, things are going well at Hyatt because their new promotion is not particularly inviting. Similar to many previous Marriott MegaBonus promos, Hyatt will offer you double points during the bonus period, but only starting with your second stay. In other words, if you have two stays between April 1 and June 30, make sure that the first one is the short one, since the points won’t get doubled. Make sure that you register through the link above to be eligible for the double points.

Hyatt already ticked off a lot of customers with the changes that they made to their loyalty program. This weak promotion won’t help.


*Beginners Hint: While most lodging companies run smaller promotions year round, they usually offer big ones either quarterly or every four months. These are always worth signing up for, but only occasionally worth switching your brand for. Remember, frequent flyer programs are not meant to reward you for past loyalty. Rather, they exist to incentivize future behavior. Before booking based on a promotion, make sure that it’s worth it.


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